Admin Panel

Introduction to the Seller Administrator Panel #

The Seller Panel (or the seller panel) is the primary tool for you to work with your Purposemart store. Here you can manage products, and orders, interact with your customer’s view sales report and do much more.

The Seller panel is responsive: it adapts to the screen size of the device you view it from. That way, you can manage your store from mobile devices.

Look and Feel of the Admin Panel  #

The panel below the top bar serves to manage the operations of your store: 

  • Administration —Set up shipping methods, import /export products, and orders
  • The home icon  takes you to the Dashboard
  • Orders—view sales reports and manage your orders and shipments
  • Products—edit products and their categories, features, filters, and options
  • Customers—manage customers conversations
  • Website—Read store and products reviews and comments
  • Sellers — manage store admins registered in your store, view your transactions, and payouts in accounting, send a message to Purposemart support.

The Dashboard #

The first thing you’ll notice is the Dashboard; where you can check sales statistics, view recent orders and product changes. The Dashboard also provides information from the database, such as the number of active products and registered customers.

 You can view the following from your Seller dashboard: 

  1. The total number of orders, sales, and sales tax sums in your store.
  2. Monthly statistics of your store in the form of a diagram.
  3. Brief statistics of the store: the number of products, customers, pages, etc. Click on the number of items to go to the page with the detailed list of these items.
  4. Recent orders made in your store. Switch between the tabs to see orders with particular statuses.
  5. The number of orders with the particular status and total income received by the orders of this type.
  6. A brief variant of information, represented in the Administration → Logs to view the full log.
  7. Your plan and progress
  8. Contact Purposemart admin for assistance

You can also choose the period of time, for which the information on the dashboard is displayed. Click on the period in the right upper corner of the page and choose the required period of time from the drop-down menu. Optionally, click Custom Range to define your own period and press Apply.

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