Buyer-to-Seller Communication

The Customer-to-Seller Communication feature allows customers to contact sellers directly from the storefront.

There are two ways a buyer can initiate a conversation with a seller on Purposemart: 

1: Contact the Seller #

  • A customer signs into his or her account and initiates communication by contacting a seller from a product page,  or the seller store
  • The seller sees the message in the Administration panel and can reply to it. Chains of messages and their replies are grouped into threads.
  • Notifications are sent to the seller’s admin panel and email address to inform them about new messages. (you might have to refresh your page to see new notifications)
  • Notifications are also sent to the customer’s email address to inform them about new messages. 


2: Order Related Questions #

Purposemart buyers can contact sellers directly from the order page if they have questions regarding a specific order. Here is how it works:

  • A customer signs into his or her account and initiates communication from an order page
  • Seller receives notification in email with a link to view and responds to the message in the admin panel

Seller-to-Buyer Communication #

Sellers don’t usually contact buyers unless there’s an issue with processing the buyer’s order. Here’s how you can contact a buyer about their order: 

  • Go to the order page in the seller admin panel 
  • Select the order ID to open the order
  • Enable Communication under the add-on tab and click save. This will activate Seller-to-Buyer communication for the order. 
  • Go to the communication tab and click “add post” to initiate a conversation will the Buyer. 

All Seller-to-Buyer communications must comply with Purposemart policies. .                        It’s recommended that you reply to all buyer communications from your admin panel. Direct email responses will be not displayed in the seller admin panel or buyer account. 

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