Connect to ShippingEasy

To help you manage shipping labels efficiently and effectively, we have partnered with ShippingEasy, a cloud-based shipping platform that allows online e-commerce businesses of all sizes to ship orders fast. After it is integrated, It automatically syncs all order details into a single screen for easy & real-time shipping management. You can manage orders, automate shipping, track shipments via all in one easy-to-use, cloud-based shipping platform.

You need to have an account with ShippingEasy to use this feature. USE THIS LINK FOR FREE MONTH: if you don’t already have a ShippingEasy account.

Connect ShippingEasy To Purposemart In 3 Steps #

Step 1 – Create ShippingEasy API #

Login into your existing ShippingEasy account or create a new account. Click on Setting –> Orders & Store

On the next page, click Add New to add a new store API

Platform: ShippingEasy API

Store URL:

click save

Fill in the information and save.

Step 2 – Get Credentials #

Accessing API Credentials in ShippingEasy #

  1. The API credentials needed can be found by going to the SETTINGS tab from above the navigation bar.
  1. Here you will find a unique API Key and API Secret for your ShippingEasy account.

Accessing your ShippingEasy API Store Key #

  1. The ShippingEasy API Store Key needed can be found by navigating to the SETTINGS tab and clicking on the STORES & ORDERS page under the INTEGRATION column.
  1. Locate the ShippingEasy API store that you havce just created and the Store API Key:

Step 3 – Connect your account #

Go to Sellers–>Stores — > Edit your store –> Click the “Additional Options Tab”

Add the API Key, secret key, and Store Key from Shipping easy.

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