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With this feature you can build your own blog in your Purposemart shop: create and manage blog posts and review customer comments.

To create blog posts in your store, use the Website → Blog section.

Blog attributes #

General #


  • Parent page – Page that will contain a link to this post. If it is not intended that the page has a parent page, select the Root level option.
  • Name – The header of the post.
  • Post description – Text of the blog post. It can be a plain text or a formatted HTML text. If you are not familiar with HTML, use the built-in WYSIWYG editor to create a formatted text.
  • Status – Status of the post: Active or Disabled.

Meta data

  • Page title – Title of the page, which is displayed in the title bar of the web browser. Required for SEO purposes.
  • META description – Contents of the HTML meta tag describing the page. Required for SEO purposes.
  • META keywords – Contents of the HTML tag containing a list of search keywords for the page. Required for SEO purposes.


  • Creation date – Date when the page was created.
  • Use available period – If selected, the post is available for a certain period of time only.
  • Available from – Date when the post becomes available for visitors.
  • Available till – Date until the post is available for visitors.

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