How To: Apply Same Value to All Products

To apply the same value to all products at once:

  1. In the Administration panel, go to Products → Products.
  2. Select all products in the page by ticking the top left checkbox above the list. (
  3. Click the Edit selected button above the product list.

In the opened Select fields to edit window, click on the Unselect all link and select the check box corresponding to the necessary option (e.g. Inventory). Click the Modify selected button.

  • Click on the Apply values to all selected products link. This will open a new small section.
  • Tick the checkbox corresponding to the necessary field.
    • Scroll to the left to see the feature fields
  • Set the value for the product property you’re modifying.
  • Click the Apply button to apply the selected value to all products.
  • Repeat all these steps for all pages in the list of products.
  • Note: Apply values will apply values to all the products that you selected.
    • Use this feature to only modify values that apply to all of your prpducts such as return period, brand name, barnd category, cause , country, condition etc..

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