In Store Promotions

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Promotions #

Promotions allow you to offer various bonuses to buyers (such as free products or discounts), if certain conditions are met. Use this template to request a promotion for your store. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Types of Promotions

Purposemart supports two types of promotions: Catalog promotions allow you to set discounts on products and categories, and to specify conditions for those discounts. These discounts are displayed right in the catalog: on product and category pages. Cart promotions allow you to set discounts and offer various bonuses: coupons, free shipping, free products, reward points, membership in a specific user group, etc. The list of possible conditions for those bonuses is bigger. The bonuses aren’t displayed in the catalog, but only on cart and checkout pages.

Examples of Promotions

  • Offer Bonus Coupon
  • Generate Bonus Coupon Codes Automatically
  • Offer Discount on Products from Specific Categories
  • Give Discount When Cart Has Specific Number of Products
  • Give Discount on Order if Order Subtotal Exceeds Certain Value
  • Give Discount on Order for Buying Two Specific Products Together
  • Give Free Product if Order Subtotal Exceeds Certain Value
  • Offer Free Shipping for Buying a Certain Product
  • Give Gift Certificate to Member of User Group if Order Subtotal Exceeds Some Value
  • Give Discounts to Specific User Groups

You can also offer promotion by using the Buy Together or Quantity Discount Feature on the product tab

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