Manual Flat Rate Shipping

The Administration → Shipping & taxes → Shipping methods page contains an editable list of shipping methods present in the store. A shipping method is a set of rules and parameters to calculate the cost of shipping orders to buyers depending on:

  • Shipping address
  • Order total
  • The weight of items in the order
  • The number of items in the order
  • Settings of specific products

A buyer will be offered the shipping method that is suitable for his or her order.

Add New Manual Shipping Method -Create flat shipping rates #

The manual shipping method allows you to create flat shipping rates for any order within a shipping area, or only for orders that meet certain conditions. For example, in a shipping rate area for United State, you could set a flat rate of $0, and a $15 flat rate for Europe. Flat shipping rates charge a specific amount for shipping at checkout. 

To set up a manual shipping method with flat rates:

  1. Open the Administration → Shipping & Taxes → Shipping methods page.
  2. Click the + button in the upper-right corner to add a new shipping method, or choose one of the existing methods to configure it.
  3.  Fill in all the details:

– Name: the name that will be displayed to buyers – Select By customer address under rate calculation- Delivery time (Optional)  – the expected delivery time for this shipping method – Weight limit  (Optional) – specify min and max weight if necessary for this shipping method    4. Click create 

Shipping Time & Rates Tab #

  • Next, go to the Shipping time and rates tab.
  • Decide where your shipping method will be offered. To do this, choose rate areas ( countries you can ship to) from the dropdown list. If a certain rate area does not exist in your store, contact us and we’ll add it.  This is only necessary if you need to add different conditions and availability/unavailability of delivery to this area.
  • (optional) Specify the Shipping time value for each rate area. If a rate area has its own shipping time, it will be displayed to customers from this area instead of the Delivery time from the General tab.
  • Specify the Rate for each rate area. If you leave the Rate field empty (equal to zero by default), the delivery will be free.
  • Add different conditions for each rate area (optional).

Shipping conditions #

  • There are three types of conditions:
    • Price condition — the surcharge/discount depends on the total order amount.
    • Weight condition — the surcharge/discount depends on the weight of products in the order.
    • Items condition — the surcharge/discount depends on the number of products in the order.

Use a negative value to offer a discount and a positive value to add a surcharge .

The rates within each section are not summed up.  Let’s use the Price condition as an example:

Let’s say you want to set up flat shipping rates for all US orders as follow:

  • $10 rate for orders that are between $0 and $50
  • $5 rate for orders that are between $50 and $100
  • Free shipping for orders that are above $100. 

You have two options to achieve this.

Option 1

In the Rate field enter the base shipping cost, $10 in our example. Configure the Price condition as follows:

Option 2

Leave the Rate field empty. Configure the Price condition as follows:

In this case, for orders from $0 to $50, the shipping cost will be $10, and for orders over $100, it will be $free. Apply the same concept to add other conditions such as weight, and items.  

Additional Tab #

  • Next, go to the Additional setting tab.
  • Customer must specify his/her address – this is necessary to calculate shipping fees
  • Use for free shipping – tick this if you’d like to exclude products with the enabled Free shipping option from the shipping price calculation
  • Click Save.
  • Use the Test rate calculation tab to test your setting. 


Note:  you can configure multiple shipping rates into one shipping method and do not need to create multiple shipping methods under the same carrier.

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