Order Statuses

The following statuses are available by default and cannot be deleted:

  • Processed—the payment was received.
  • Paid— the order was paid for 
  • Complete—all work on the order was completed. The order was delivered to the buyer and no further action is required from your end. 
  • Open—the order was placed and created in the store database, but it hasn’t been processed yet.
  • Failed—the payment transaction failed.
  • Declined—the order was canceled by the store administrator.
  • Backordered—the order hasn’t been processed yet, as it contains out-of-stock items.
  • Canceled—the order was canceled by the customer.
  • Awaiting call—the order was placed when the customer sent a call request. This status is associated with the Call requests add-on.
  • Incomplete — the order was created in the store database, and the system is awaiting a response from a payment method. 
  • Fraud Checking —   The order was flagged for fraud and  is been reviewed 
  • Refunded —the order was refunded to the customer 

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