PayPal Express

Paypal Express is the default payment method for all sellers on Purposemart Marketplace. It’s automatically linked to all stores and is currently the only payment method offered on Purposemart Mobile App. 

Sellers cannot Opt-out of this payment method.

With PayPal Express Checkout, buyers can complete transactions in just a few steps, using their shipping and billing information already stored securely at PayPal to check out so they don’t have to re-enter it on your site. Buyers must have a PayPal account to complete payment. Unlike Stripe Connect., and PayPal Commerce, all payments that are processed through PayPal Express checkout go to Purpsoemart’s account, which is then distributed among Sellers. Purposemart handles open disputes and issues refunds in connection to orders that were placed using PayPal Express Checkout. You can use the Accounting page to keep track of transactions. 

PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is a service that automatically notifies merchants of events related to PayPal transactions.
When a buyer places an order and chooses PayPal as the payment method, the order gets the Open status. PayPal then sends Instant Payment Notification messages that include the transaction status. This status changes the order status in your store according to the status conversion map.

Why Do Some Orders End up with Open or Incomplete Status?

Payment methods that use PayPal Express Checkout work as follows:

  1. A buyer clicks the Submit order button on the checkout page. At this point, we assume that the Buyer is ready to make the payment, so the order is created in the seller’s store with Incomplete status.
  2. The Buyer is redirected to a PayPal page. Now there are three possible scenarios:
    • The Buyer pays for the order successfully. In this case, the order remains Open or Incomplete until the store receives an IPN from PayPal. The Buyer doesn’t even have to return to the store via the link on the PayPal page.
    • The Buyer uses the link on the PayPal page to cancel the payment and return to the store. When the Buyer returns via that special link, the store detects it. The order status is set to Incomplete (inventory is restored if the order has an Open status). The Buyer returns to the checkout page and can make changes and submit the order again. To view incomplete orders in the Administration panel, go to Orders → view orders, click the advanced search option, and choose Incomplete orders.
    • The Buyer goes back one page in the browser or closes the window. The store can’t detect what happens on the PayPal page or if the Buyer is still there. Purposemart assumes everything is the same as the first scenario: the Buyer might still have the page open and make the payment. It’s just taking longer than usual. That’s why the order remains Open or Incomplete, and the store awaits an IPN, even though there won’t be any. We can’t set the Canceled status, because we don’t know whether or not the payment was made. Purposemart admin will review and manually canceled these orders that were abandoned.  
  3. After receiving an IPN, the store changes the status of the order according to the status conversion map.

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