Each Seller on Purposemart set their own returns, exchanges, and refunds policies. Policies vary from store to store. 

Return terms are display on each item listing page. Sellers are not required to accept a return or exchange unless stated in their shop policies. Contact the seller directly by using the “Ask a question”  button on the product page if you have questions regarding the return and refund policy. 

Return requests are allowed only for products that are marked as returnable. This option together with the return period is controlled separately for each product in the catalog on the product details page.


How to Request a Return #

1. Sign into your Purposemart account and click on orders 

2. Select the order that you wish to return 

3. Select request a replacement or a refund (You will only be able to request a return for orders that were marked complete) 

4. Select whether you want a refund or a replacement

5. Select the reason for the return

6. Add a comment, and click submit. 

You will receive an email about the status of your return request. You can also check the status of your request in your Purposemart account. 


 How to Return Item After Approval   #

  1. Pack all the items in the original packing. Items bought as sets must be returned in sets.
  2. Include your order number  
  3. Send the parcel to this address provided to you by the seller
  4. Message the seller from your purposemart account to confirm the package was sent and provide a tracking number if necessary.  

Items With Discovered Defects #

Buyers must notify the Seller of any discovered defects from the moment they receive the Items. All Items must be returned to the Seller, and their consumer properties, factory labels, and ready-for-sale condition are preserved. To return the items, you must submit a return request from your Purposemart account.

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