RMA – Return & Refund

How To: Allow to Return Products #

RMA stands for return merchandise authorization. This feature is designed to simplify the process of managing product returns. When it is enabled, customers can register product return requests specifying the reason for the return and providing other related information. Store administrators can then handle requested returns through The Orders → Return requests page.

  1. In the Administration panel, go to Products → Products.
  2. Click on the name of the product, for which you want to allow a return.
  3. Open the Add-ons tab.
  4. In the RMA section tick the Returnable check box.
  5. In the Return period (days) input field, enter the number of days during which a customer will be able to return a product.
  6. Click Save.

A customer will be able to send a return request on the order details page by clicking the Request the replacement or a refund link.

Return Period  #

The return period starts when the order status is changed to complete. A Complete status means all work on the order was completed. The order was delivered to the buyer and no further action is required from your end. 

For example

  • Your return period is set to 30 days on the product page 
  • The buyer placed an order on 1/1/21
  • You marked the order complete on 1/15/21
  • The buyer has until 2/14/21 to request a return. 
  • The buyer will not be able to request a return after the 30 days expire 

Process the return requests #

  • In your admin panel click on order –> return requests
  • Select the return that you’d like to process

On the next page,

  • Return products information tab: display the product name, price paid by the customer, quantty that’s been returned and the reason for the return
  • Desclined produts information tab: Shows a list of returns that were declined by the store
  • Comments tab: Add internal comment for you and your team about the return request
  • Actions Tab: (See the second image below )
    • Status: update the return status to one of the following
      • Approved : Buyer will receieve an email with a unique return number and the address to send the item to. The address is the same as your store address on Purposemart.
      • Shipment received: You received the order back from the buyer
      • Completed: Refund has been issued and no further action is needed from you or the buyer
      • Declined: You must provide valid explanotion to the buyer. This can be done from the order page.
    • Notify Buyer & Notify orders department: Remember to always tick these two tabs
    • Give a refund via PayPal Commerce Platform: tick this only after you receive the items back from the buyer.

Issue a Refund  #

Via PayPal

If the product was paid for via a PayPal-based payment method, the store can automatically give a refund via PayPal. 

  1. Go to Orders → Return Requests in the Administration panel of your store.
  2. Click the gear button of the request and choose Edit.
  3. Switch to the Actions tab.
  4. Tick the Give a refund via PayPal checkbox to automatically issue a refund if you’ve already given a refund for this request, you’ll see Refunded instead of the checkbox.
  5. Change the status of the request to Completed, to process the refund.
  6. Click Save.

for non-Paypal orders, the refund will be processed directly from Stripe.

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