Shopify Connector

Shopify Connector allows you to easily sync products and orders between your Shopify store and Purposemart. There are two parts to this implementation. The first part is to create a private app in your Shopify panel, and the second part is to integrate the API with Purposemart. The process is quite simple. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions in this article.

Step 1: Create Shopify API #

  • Log into your Shopify store and select Apps on the left side
  • Scroll down to Manage Private APPS and click on create new private app
  • Fill in the app name (Purposemart Connector) and your email address.
  • Next, set Inventory and Products under Admin permissions to Read and Write. There is a long list of API permissions, but we only need these two.
  • Click save
  • API key and password will automatically be generated after you save the app.

Step 2: Connect your Shopify to Purposemart #

  • Log into your Purposemart store
  • Select Shopify Connector under Website
  • Click the + sign to connect your store

General tab: Fill in the following information

  • Your brand name
  • Shopify app API Key and password (from step 1)
  • Shopify domain eg.
  • shop name: Shopify store name

Order tab:

Since the app will not sync orders from your Shopify store to your Purposemart store, you can set the payment processor to C.O.D and the Shipping to USPS.

Product setting: Set your default category and store currency

Click Register Hook to allow orders to automatically sync into your Shopify store. This will also allow inventory to update automatically between the two systems.

Click save

Step 3: Category map #

  • Click Shopify connector under websites
  • Click the setting icon and select category map from the list
  • A new window will open
  • Click the + button on the top right corner to map categories
  • Select Purposemart category from the list and map it to the corresponding Shopify category
  • Click save
  • Continue this process until all of your Shopify categories are mapped

Step 4: Import products #

  • Select manage Shopify Products.
  • Click on Start Import
  • Select the Shopify category that you want to import products from.
  • Click sync next to the product that you want to add.
  • To import multiple products at the same time, select the products and click sync at the top right corner.

Step 5: Review the products #

The last step is to edit the imported products to make sure all the informations were imported properly

  • Click on the product to edit it.
  • Review the price, images, categories, etc.
  • Complete the Feature tab ( this tab is important for your products to show up in filters and search)
  • Go to the additional options to set your return period for the product.
  • Add variations such as colors or size – see this article that covers variations in detail
  • Create promotional offers such as Quantity discounts or Buy together if you wish.
  • Save, and you are done.

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