Set Up Your Store Profile

When your seller account is first approved, it’ll show a pending status. This is because a few additional fields need to be completed before your store can go live on Purposemart. The first part is to update your profile which we’ll cover here, and the second part is to create or add a shipping method which is covered in a separate article here

Editing Your Store Profile  #

To update your seller profile log into your admin panel and select Sellers –> Sellers. Click on your store name to open the profile fields page.

  1. Make necessary updates and save
  2. Wait for Purposemart admin to review and approve your updated profile

Note that your store and listings will be disabled on Purposemart storefront until your updated profile is approved. 

Seller Profile fields

The profile fields contain various information about your business, purpose, tax ID, contact information, etc. Information from certain profile fields such as description, impact & values, and store name will be displayed in your seller store on Purposemart. Some of the fields will be displayed in the storefront including Company Name, Description, Value & Impact, State, and Country. We may also display your primary Purpose category. 

General Tab #

  • Review and complete general information about your store,
  • Upload seller identification and other documents connect to Stripe, add your store location. 
  • Add Geo Location– ( scroll to the bottom)   This is the location that will be shown in Google Maps. We integrated Geolocation to allows buyers to find and support local sellers. For security reasons, we do not recommend using your home address here. If you don’t have a business address, consider using a local PO box address or a shared business address.  You can also choose not to use this feature by simply leaving it empty. In this case, your store will not show up in the location search result. Click here to see how Store Location works on Purposemart. 
  • Connect your Stripe account  –  scroll all the way down to the bottom and select connect with stripe. This will open a new window where you can connect to an existing Stripe account or create a new one. See step-by-step instructions here.

Additional Options #

Description  #

 This is the “About Us” section of your seller store. Write a compelling description. Let buyers know what’s unique and special about your brand and products. Highlight your mission, values, and purpose. Talk about the positive impact your business is making on people and, or the planet.

Logos  #

 We recommend  500px by 320px  JPG image logs for your store. You can use the alternative text/title if you’d like to type in your logo.

PayPal ( Optional)  #

This allows you to connect to PayPal Commerce Platform. This is a new marketplace payment platform that was introduced by Paypal after they stopped accepting new users for PayPal Adaptive Payments. It’s an alternative to Stripe Connect.

Unfortunately, PayPal is not yet ready to provide the credentials required to use the new payment solution massively. We are currently communicating with PayPal regarding the provision of credentials required to use the PayPal Commerce solution.

Note: PayPal Express Checkout payment method is fully integrated and is automatically connected for all the stores on Purposemart. Buyers will be able to purchase your items using Paypal Express checkout even if you don’t use PayPal Commerce.

Terms & conditions  #

All Purposemart stores must set up term & condition for buyers

  • Processing time
  • Return Policy
  • FQA
  • Disclaimer

Plan #

 See your current seller plan. You can also change your plan on this page at any time.  

Value & Impact Block  #

The content of this block will be displayed on each of your product pages, so make sure your contents are relevant to all the items that will be listed on Purposemart. You May disable any block that doesn’t apply to you.

  • Values – highlight your brand’s values & ethics
  • Social Impact –  highlight your brand’s impact on society.
  • Environmental Impact –  highlight your brand’s impact on the environment.
  • Cause –  highlight the causes that your brand supports.
  • Manufacturing –  highlight your manufacturing process
  • Delivery & refund policy – highlight order processing time and return policy. You should also let buyers know if you don’t ship to certain countries.
  • Payment – You don’t have to update this block if you have Strip connected

Reviews  #

Your store reviews will be displayed here. 

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